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Maintenance & Tune Ups

Restore performance, improve acceleration, increase fuel economy, reduce exhaust emissions.

Cars today don't require a tune-up as often each vehicle is different, check your owners manual to see what is recommended for your car. If your vehicle isn't running smoothly gas mileage has dropped, it's time to bring your vehicle to a trusted repair shop.  Engine maintenance is key to helping extend the life of your vehicle restore fuel economy, improve acceleration, increase fuel economy, reduce exhaust emissions and prevent major issues from occurring down the road.

Replace fuel filter The fuel filter is mounted in the fuel line and screens out dirt, rust particles and contaminants from the fuel before it reaches the engine. A dirty fuel filter can cause hard starting no start conditions and lack of engine performance. Replacement of the fuel filter helps to prolong the life of the fuel system and keeps the engine operating as designed...Book Online 

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